Flowers of Bhutan || Sasuke NAKAO Keiji NISHIOKA


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This book aims to show through photographs as many examples as possible which we collected on the richest flowering flora and on the valuable ethnobotanical knowledge of Bhutan Himalaya.
Photographs used in this book were mostly taken by “Dasho” Keiji Nishioka who has been engaged in the field of agricultural development in Bhutan as a Colombo Plan Expert since 1964. Some are taken by S. Nakao who travelled widely in Bhutan in 1958 as a royal guest and who also paid a short visit in 1981. Dr. Gen Murata of Kyoto University has kindly loaned us some of his flower photographs taken during his travel in 1967.
For publishing this book “FLOWERS OF BHUTAN,” we are deeply obliged to the members of the Royal Family of Bhutan and the officials who have given us all the assistance and encouragement for travelling and photographing. We cannot forget the kind help of many villagers and acquaintances in the remote villages in Bhutan.
For the identification of the plant species from the photographs, we owe much to Dr. G.
Murata, Dr. T. Tsuyama, Dr. M. Tamura, Dr. T. Yamazaki and Dr. K. Karasawa to whom we express our heartfelt thanks to their knowledgeable assistance.
July, 1984