ACUMEN of Architectural Built Hardcover


ISBN- 9788194720126

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The Book “Acumen of architectural built “advocates as an important part of design process especially in the architectural faternity
The Author has very well identified the niche of studying seminal projects which is a lacuna and needs a synchronized and methodological
approach during the process of design. The book presents a framework that will help the student to understand , represent , decode and conclude the case study under consideration . it does not give a superficial understanding of the cases considred but provides way to gain in-depth knowlwdge in a defined way.
The Flow of the book starts with identifying the key fundamental aspects namely – form and space , principles of design , climate responsive architecture , elements of architecture and lastly the circulation pattern , which further is deciphered in terms of components . These further proceeds to identify and demonstrate the above fundamentals in nine potential case studies . The graphics and drawings generated and phenomenal in terms of understanding and technicalities which will guide the student as a sample for demonstrating the complex ideas to be represented on paper. in the third chapter , the author critically appraises the case study while doing a comparative analysis w.r.t the framework derived . The last chapter projects the conclusion for each of the fundamental aspects framed and also provides way forward for the intent of allowing Acumen in architectural built . Over an above the book serves as a rule book for the students to conduct , understand and represent the casestudy within a comprehensive framework.