Arts of the Earth-Folk & Tribal Art of India (H.K. KEJRIWAL)



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Arts these are, though long neglected by practitioners of high art as an art, not just crafts as discriminated in the usual term of usage.
Appreciation of folk & tribal art cannot be accomplished without serious thought and some basic knowledge of the same. The objects’d art that we see in fairs & festivals are all made by the indigenous artists of Indla, enduring the sacred and bringing to life ritualistic Indla.
Our attempt is to put together some of the popular tribal art genres (some less celebrated ones) and imbibe the readers with more insight and acquaint them with each of these along with a peep into their history. It is a living, breathing art form, a gift to the entire Indian art & culture at all levels. In an absence of these trickles of our past history and our present (concelved from within the everyday), art stands the danger of being deprived of its main sources of spiritual nourishment. The traditional Folk & Tribal painters fast embracing other professions for their livelihood and their art slowly dying, Folk&Tribal art/painting/ sculpture, Indian miniature, and their undeniable influences etc. stand under a death threat.